RHD 2021 Conference will be an ONLINE event
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Welcome Letter

Dear colleagues,

Enthusiastically we announce the 4th Romanian Hernia Days Conference, on 7-8th October 2021.

Thank your interest and presence of amazing faculty – celebrities in the World Hernia Surgery, we can continue a tradition: “October = RHD”

In the same enthusiastic spirit, the invited speakers from Europe, Russia, Columbia, India, and the USA, will present the surgical techniques in abdominal wall reconstruction, being themselves the authors of these techniques, or authors of guidelines or masters in hernia surgery.

Often in our practice, we have encountered difficult situations, and/or we have to fix some complications in hernia surgery. In this way, we chose as the motto of the conference “Difficult situation and complications in hernia surgery”. 

As usual, the RHD would like to be a dialog between the speakers and the audience, especially on the last session named “What would you do?”. In this session, cases with groin and ventral hernias will be presented, and all of us are invited to discuss what would be the best option to solve each case.

Also, the session “Live surgery” is put on the program.

Open and laparoscopic surgeries will be streamed from the OR in Life Memorial Hospital - Medlife. The audience will have the opportunity to ask and to discuss directly with the surgical team.

So, the 7th and 8th of October 2021 are the “Romanian Hernia Days”

You are very welcome to participate in this event!

Dr. Victor RADU